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The things I make are
as simple as possible
They are components of a space, since they are like building elements,
they can always be rearranged into new combinations or positions,
thus, they alter the space.
I leave this alteration to the consumer who thereby again and anew
participates in the creation.
The simplicity of basic geometric forms is beautiful and suited
to the demonstration of the principles of rationalized modifications.
I make series
because I do not want to make single pieces for individuals,
in order to have elements combinable within a system,
in order to make something which is repeatable, objective,
and because it is economical.
The series can be prototypes for mass production.
Series DW (at Fischer’s) is made of corrugated cardboard that
is light and cheap: a material for consumption.
Often the elements of their combinations are very large in order to
alter the spatial environment more thoroughly. They approximate
architectural dimensions and for this reason also differ increasingly
from the former gallery objects.
They are decreasingly recognizable as “artworks.”
The objects should have the objective character of industrial products.
The former categorization of the arts no longer exists. The artist of the
future would have to work with a team of specialists in a development laboratory.
Though art’s formal development has progressed at an increasing tempo,
its social function has regressed.
Art is a commodity of transient contemporary significance, yet, the market is minute,
and prestige and prices rise the less topical the supply is.
It is difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that art can contribute nothing to
solving urgent social problems.

Offenbach, February 11, 1968

Charlotte Posenenske, “Statement” [Manifesto], Art International no. 5 (May 1968)







The garden is growing thick weeds. China Israel stepped into mud again in thick blue and white sparkling platforms and an american flag bustier. Throwing soil-crusted turnips into an old mexican basket like a woman